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A scientific illustrator specialises in visualising subjects pertaining to the life sciences, using a considerable range of techniques.

The illustrator will be capable of working independantly, studying ans designing subjects for communication to clients and specialists from all  fields of science.

The profession of scientific illustrator offers a wide range of opportunities.





Iris Post is a scientific illustrator  in the Netherlands who obtained the degree "Master of Scientific Illustration" at the Master Scientific Illustration, being a cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences, Maastricht University. She makes images of the highest quality as independent illustrator which are used in bio-medical science and she works as a free-lance practitioner for universities, hospitals, museums, scientific publishers etc. Also for graduating promovendi and for private persons she works as free-lance scientific illustrator. She makes very detailed scientifically justified illustrations and posters. Techniques which she can use for the illustrations are tonal, colour, threedimensional and black an white line drawings, entirely to the wish of the client.

Her final  masters project, "Illustrating Cochlear Implantation" is published and is very interesting for everyone who is interested in the Ear- Nose-Throat science.

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